Our Highly Experienced Shia Quran Teachers Offer the Best Islamic Studies for Kids.

Masoomen Quran Center is a Shia Quran Learning Academy that is for all Shia Muslims from all across the world. The Center provides access to the Fiqh Course ( Fiqqh Jafferia) and we have exceptional Shia scholars and educators. Our Center offers the best Islamic Studies Courses on Skype. The students can learn Islam and Fiqqh through this Course. We are the right opportunity for students who want to learn the religion Islam under Shia views.

Islamic Studies for Kids

It is obligatory for Shia Muslims to know everything relevant to Islam for their successful future. Learning the religion is important for the betterment of the Shia Muslim community. This obligation is not only on the individual Momim but also on the whole Shia community. Our Islamic Studies for kids course is the best course for the Shia Muslims to devote themselves to study Islam. We also offer the best Shia Quran Teaching Online across the world including the USA, UK, AUS, Canada, and other western countries.

Shia Quran Center

Online Shia Quran Academy

The students can take the Shia Islamic Studies Online course at their homes. Students learn about Aqaid and Fiqh in this course. Kids learn different important duas in this course. Our Shia Quran Teachers teach lessons in the best way. Islamic studies help in understanding Islam and the commands of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is important for every Momin to learn about the main beliefs and the values of Islam under Shia beliefs. Some Momineen finds it very difficult to get a chance to take this course due to the shortage of Shia institutes. Hence, we provide them with the opportunity not only to take Shia Quran classes but also Islamic studies.

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Shia Islamic Studies

Shia Islamic Studies Online course that we teach at our institute helps in understanding Islam. It is a very important course and we follow the following objectives at our institute

  • The Quran and Islam

  • Ahl ul-Bayt’s school

  • Important supplications

  • Islamic morals and ethics

Students acquire Islamic knowledge in an outstanding way. Our course content is of high quality and we teach real Islam. Our Shia Quran Academy is a very reliable place to take this course and understand Islam properly.

Who Should Take The Course?

As we represent Ahl al-Bayt’s school of thought, so the course is according to the Fiqh Jafferia. We offer this course of Shia Islamic Studies Online for Kids. We want Shia Muslims to have a holistic understanding of Islam through this course. Our Online Shia Quran Academy works on a distance learning system and students learn the course online. The course is open to all the Muslims belonging to the Fiqh Jafferia.

How Do We Teach?

Masoomeen Quran Center provides a comprehensive learning path for the students to learn about the Islamic Fiqh and basics of Islam such as Karma, Wuzu, Namaz, Asool-e-Deen, and important duas. The students learn about the laws of Shia Islam, the legal system, and the Islamic principles based on Shia beliefs. Our students, therefore, learn all the basic concepts of Islamic philosophy, history, and how to derive the rules from the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

The course consists of the rulings by the Shia scholars to provide guidance to the Shia Muslims. Hence the students learn all the basic rules of the Shariah. The course content is given below

  • History of Islam

  • Principles and Doctrines

  • Tahaarat (cleanliness and purification)

  • Salat

  • Siyam (fasting)

  • Engagement and Marriage

Shia Quran Classes

This course teaches the basic rules and duties of a Shia Muslim based on the Shia Islamic Laws. The students learn the details of performing and appreciating the actions that complement the understanding of Shia Islam. The students will learn

  • The foundation of the Shia Islam

  • The history of Islam (according to Shia beliefs)

  • Beliefs

  • Essentials for worship

  • The way to lead your life as per teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Ahl –e – Bait

Why Choose us For This Course?

Masoomeen Quran Center is an online institute for Islamic and Shia Quran Education. The Fiqh course that we offer to the Shia Muslims provides them with a great chance to deeply learn Shi’i Islam. The atmosphere of our institute is also pleasant and nice. Furthermore, our Shia Quran Tutors are also passionate to provide efficient education on Fiqh. The course is in both Urdu and English languages because we invite Shia students from all over the world. We are also providing Shia Yassarnal Quran by experienced Islamic teachers.

This is an advanced course and experienced teachers, Shia Qari, and scholars teach this course to the students. The Shia students can, therefore, learn about their religion at their homes under the guidance of experienced and certified scholars.

We want every Shia brother and sister should have easy access to the Quran and Islamic education. In this way, they can have a bright and also a successful future.

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