We Offer Online Yassarnal Quran Qaida Course for Kids & Adults

The Quran is for Momineen for their guidance and assistance. The most important duty of Momineen, therefore, is to learn, read, and teach the Quran. No matter how young or old you are, you have to learn and read the Quran. We teach Momineen in learning all the basics of the Online Quran Recitation. Shia Yassarnal Quran is an important course in which we teach the basics of reading. We offer this course for Shia Muslims to enable them to read the Quran. If you want to learn the reading of the Quran, start your lessons with us.

Who Can Study?

Yassarnal Quran online Course that we teach at our Shia Quran Academy is for the Shia Muslims because there is no Shia Madrasa, Center, or Academy in western countries. This Qaida course helps students to learn Arabic letters and their pronunciation. The course is for beginners and students of all ages can start Shia Quran Classes with us. If you are a Momin and a beginner, you can start this course. We also teach the course online to the kids, so that they can learn other Islamic education.

Shia Online Quran Center

Shia Yassarnal Quran Online with Us

This Shia Yassarnal Quran Qaida course is the primary course and enables students to learn the reading of the Quran. We should read the verses in a rhythmic way. We will teach you that method to make your recitation beautiful and melodious, which is very necessary for all, especially for kids. You will also learn how to pronounce every word properly so that you can learn Arabic easily.

We are fortunate to be the pioneers in spreading the knowledge of the Quran so that Muslims can get an education all over the world. Equipping Momineen with the education of the Quran is a great blessing on us. We teach the best quality course and are very happy to facilitate Momineen around the world. When the student completes the course, they are able to read the Quran Arabic correctly and properly. MQC offers classes for beginners and students of all ages can join us. We represent Fiqh Jafferia Quran Center, therefore you can choose us if you need a Shia institute.

Our Design of Yassarnal Quran for Kids course with easy lessons and exercise so that the beginners can learn to understand and learn them. We have qualified Shia Quran Teachers who help students to complete the course in a short period so that students can reach the next level. Our Expert tutors will teach the lessons in a simple and easy manner.

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What Do We Teach?

We teach the following things in the course, which is very important in basic Quran Education.

  • Arabic Alphabets and Phonics

  • Quran With Tajweed

  • Single Letters

  • Letters in Combination

  • Vowels

  • Fatha, Kasrah and Dammah

  • Jazm with Fatha

  • Consonants

  • Tanween

  • Maddah

  • Shadda

  • Idgham

  • Wuqoof – Stops

  • The Stop Signs

  • Small Seen or Nun

  • Alif Zaa’idah

Why Shia Yassarnal Quran Online With Us

We offer the best Yassarnal Quran in USA for Kids course. This Qaida is also for adult Momineen who want to learn to read the Quran. We have Expert Shia Reciters who will give you an opportunity to learn by staying at home. We enable the students in reading the Quran with the right pronunciation but so that they can improve their reading skills of Arabic. Reading the Quran properly with understanding is very important for every Shia Muslim so that they can get the best Shia Quran Teaching. Therefore, join this course today.

Shia Online Quran Learning

We have the best tutors to teach you the Shia Quran lessons. This teaching facility is for worldwide Momineen. When you start this course, it will give you an easy way in Quran reading. Therefore, register with us today and start learning your lessons. We will give you the best chance to become proficient in reading the Holy Book. Our Female Shia Quran Tutors will teach you all the basics of the Quran so that you can read the Quran. We are Professional tutors and teach in a professional method.

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