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Seeking Quran education is an essential part of the lives of Muslims of all sects. No matter what sect you belong to you have to follow the teachings of the Quran. Shia Quran tutor will explain to you the details about Islam and the teachings of the Quran. You need to learn and understand your religion thoroughly so that you can imply it into your life. Learning the Quran from a good and expert teacher is important because he can guide you to the right path. The one who is knowledgeable and knows all the details about Quran and Islamic history. 

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You can learn the Quran by going to the Madrasah or have home tuition. With modern-day technologies, things are changing and facilitating us. Virtual education is simplifying our lives to a great extent. You can get information about anything in the world by using the internet.

You can get a professional degree in any subject while studying online from a virtual university. This is the same as in the case of virtual Quran education. Several online Shia Quran Academy offer a wide range of courses about the Quran and Islam. You can explore them and register yourself to get an understanding of your religion. 

Our Online Shia Quran Tutor

There are no hard and fast rules to getting admission to the online Quran academy. You just need the internet and a device to connect with your online Shia Quran tutor. Your teacher will guide you to read the Quran and you can opt for the courses of Tafseer. Learning to understand the Quran is a religious duty of every follower of Islam.

Without knowing the messages of Allah in Quran we cannot lead our life according to the principles of Islam. Therefore we all must try to understand the meaning of the Quran besides recitation only. 

Why we should learn Quran with meanings:

It is so important to understand what we are reading. Whatever we are reading we should know the meaning. Recitation of the Quran in Arabic no doubt brings rewards but we cannot understand what Allah wants from us. It is necessary to understand the message of Allah in different Surahs. Each Surah in the Quran has its unique importance.

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We must understand the reason and the background of its revelation. Because the Quran is for the guidance of mankind so to get the guidance we must learn it. When we read the Quran with Tafseer we can understand our Creator and His blessings. There are various reasons why we should read the Quran with Tafseer instead of recitation only. 

  • We can understand our moral and religious duties when we read the translation. Allah has some rules for us that we can only learn by reading and understanding the Quran. There are many religious duties that a Muslim is bound to follow. The Quran teaches us the ways to perform them and learn their significance. 
  • It brings us close to our Creator.  Allah is the Creator of the Universe and he has the sole Supreme power. Reading the Quran is like Allah is talking to you and guiding you about dos and don’ts. Learning about Allah and His powers makes you become submissive towards Him. You learn that worshiping and following Him can make you close to Him. When you become close to your Creator everything seems to be in place.
  • Recitation and understanding of the Quran will earn rewards from Allah. This is what we are here in this world. To please Allah and walk on the right path to earn success. Success comes only if we abide by the teachings of the Quran and follow them. 
  • You will learn about Islamic history by studying the Quran with Tafseer. Shia Quran learning will enable you to know the details about every Surah and its importance. You will come to learn about the miracles of prophets and comprehend the messages behind events of the past.
  • Our Shia Quran Tutor  

  • When you read something different doubts can come to your mind. Learning Quran with Tafseer will clarify your mind and you will know about the truth of humanity. Shia Quran teacher is there to perform their duties of explaining the messages of Allah to all students. 
  • You will be knowing about the rules of Islam and the reality of the universe. If you are feeling down with this world connection with Quran will solve your problem.