The Quran is a book that is perfect for people of all ages. To learn to read this we need someone’s guidance. This book has all the guidance for all of us to learn and lead our life according to Islam. It teaches us history about the prophets, lessons of life, lessons to prepare ourselves for the future. It guides us about our religion, how to spend our life, and tells us about life after death. As being in the Arabic language, non-Arabic people need to learn the Arabic alphabet first. And then after getting the lessons can read the sentences. But in non-Muslim countries, it is very difficult to find a tutor who can guide you to learn Quran. An Online Shia Quran Center is the online platform that gives Quran education to students all over the world. 

Importance of learning the Quran

The Quran is the source of light and solace in the life of a Momin. It brings blessings and rewards for the readers. Allah promises ten rewards to those who read one word of the Quran. Just imagine how many rewards a person earns while reciting the Quran every day. It is not only the rewards one should think about, Quran is a book to follow. There are a lot of moral stories, for us to learn from them. We must behold the morals in it and follow the teachings.

A good Momin is the one who learns all the lessons from Quran and applies them to his life. Makes his family walk according to the rules of Islam. When a person realizes its importance then comes the time to gather rewards on a personal and religious level. Quran teaches how to build your personality positively. Islam teaches us to keep balance in life. You cannot leave this world and this society, the main thing is how you go along with them. How do you balance this world with your religion? To learn this you must learn Quran from Shia online Quran teachers who are experts in their field.  

Teaching Quran To Kids

You need to teach your kids Quran at a very early age. Because in this tender age, whatever you teach them will engrave in their minds. You have to nurture the teachings of Islam and build the love of Allah in their heart. You must give a positive image of your religion to them.

Our traditional way of teaching the Quran is not welcoming for the kids. The Quran tutors are strict and treat kids in a way that they don’t like to read the Quran. But Online Shia Quran teacher is very polite and always welcoming to their students.

The methodology to teach kids is modern. The interaction between the teachers and students is in a friendly manner that they develop an interest in learning. Today’s kids like to use gadgets, and online Quran learning is by using these gadgets. There are interactive games and stories for kids that they love to play with. In this fun learning, kids learn the lesson easily. This is an easy and effective way to convey the moral lesson to kids. Many Quran stories are for kids, this is the perfect way to teach the students.  Many of us do not read the Quran with its meaning and do not know all the lessons. In this way Shia Quran teacher, helps you and your kids learn the Quran with its meanings. This helps you to know the message from Allah. 

Shia online Quran Center

 It is the place where the whole family can join and learn the Quran. We all know that for learning there is no age barrier. And learning Quran at any age is a blessing and rewarding. When you learn the Quran and understand its meaning, try to implement it in your life.

The teachings of the Quran will lead us to the right path. The path on which only beloved people of Allah can go. Being eager to learn Quran and want to make it a part of your life is a blessing. Because only those people get the encouragement and influence from the Quran who follow Allah’s teachings. If you feel that thirst to learn Quran then you are among some lucky people. 

Benefits of online learning

Online learning is more beneficial than the traditional way of learning the Quran. The benefits of online learning are numerous. It helps the learners and teachers achieve their motives while being at home. The traditional way of learning in Madrassah does not allow teacher-student interaction because of the number of students there. But in online learning, there are two options of one to one class and a group class. One-to-one class is the best way to get the attention and focus of a teacher to the student. There is more discussion of students and teachers on the lessons.

The summary of the benefits are:

  • The teachers can give feedback to the parents and parents can also interact with the teachers. 
  • Parents can monitor their kid’s classes, and get updates on their learning.
  • The reduction of traveling time and cost in online learning.
  • Not everyone is living in an area where they can find good Quran teachers. In the online platform, there are skillful and expert teachers and you can choose the best suits you.
  • There is time flexibility of class, you can take a class at night or day at your convenience. 
  • Sometimes our girl’s students are not comfortable studying with male teachers. So you have the option of choosing a male or Female Quran Teacher according to your preference. 
  • Shia Quran center has teachers that can speak different languages. If you or your kids prefer English then the teacher can communicate in the English language. 
  • The fee of the Quran classes is affordable in comparison to the home Quran tuition. 

These are some of the many benefits of learning the Quran online. Once you join this online platform, you will realize that it is an easy and beneficial mode of learning.