Religious and Islamic knowledge is an important factor for all Momineen. The knowledge of the Quran and religion makes us righteous as well as more responsible. This knowledge is useful if we put it into practice. The responsibility is on us how we learn the Quran and understand it.

A thorough understanding of the Quran gives you knowledge that ranks us higher than someone who doesn’t have that knowledge. Without knowledge of the Quran, a person is illiterate because real education is the education of the Quran.

Gain Islamic knowledge through The Quran

When we learn the Quran, we gain Islamic knowledge. Then we use this knowledge wisely in the cause of Allah. Teaching the Quran to our children is very important to prevent them from repelling from the path of Allah. The challenges with gaining Quran knowledge are no doubt around us.

To overcome such challenges, now we have online Shia Quran Classes. Attending these classes is possible for everyone and the procedure is also so simple. Allah puts the person on the right path that learns the Quran. We all must realize this fact and make important efforts to become Quran literate. The knowledge we gain from the Quran will push us in the right direction.

Momineen living in Western countries have to face many threats to their faiths. The new generation of Shia Muslims is at the risk of forgetting their cultural and religious values. Online Shia Quran Classes can help Momineen connect with the Quran and religion if there is no other source.

The Quran for Momineen is a source of divine blessing and merit. If you want tranquility and guidance in your life, you should learn the Quran. We gain guidance through our life’s journey by consulting the Quran. First, we all should start with a recitation of the entire Quran. It will take a specific period to learn the recitation. The Quran is a sacred text and reading and reciting it daily is very important. Completing the Quran recitation is Khatm al-Quran.

Recitation of the Quran is the most important thing that we must learn. We recite the Quran daily and on special occasions too. We recite the Surahs in Salat and complete the Quran recitation during the fasting month of Ramadan. So, learning the recitation is very important.

When you learn to read the entire Qur’an, you can divide it up into thirty equal parts. In this way, you can cover the journey of the Quran reading. Once, when you learn to read, you must read the entire Quran. After completing all the 30 paras, you must not give up. Continue your journey of the Quran learning and move the steps forward.

After the recitation, understanding the verses is the next important step. The Quran is essentially a series of independent statements, parables, teachings, stories, rules, and prohibitions. Understanding all these things is important to understand the purpose of the Quran.

This knowledge will help you understand Islam. The Qur’an is in Arabic so we need a teacher for learning and understanding it.  An ordinary person cannot teach Tafseer because many Arabic words and phrases have hidden meanings.

These statements have a link with some events and stories and have special meanings. So, a normal person cannot understand the differences between language and words. A qualified teacher is important to hire to gain an understanding of the surahs. Moreover, when we understand the Quran, we give peace of mind and satisfaction.

When we read the Quran, we also express our satisfaction and gratitude to God. Reading and reciting the Quran also lets us express our sorrow and acceptance of Allah’s will. So, the connection with the Quran is very beneficial for us. You can connect with the Quran through Shia Quran Classes that you can attend online.

The Quran is a miracle of speech and we accept its divine origin. Its interpretation requires the guidance of some of the best minds. To learn Tafsir, we need the guidance of a teacher belonging to the Shia community. The knowledge of the Quran has power and beauty and it occupies a special place in our community.

Online Shia Quran Classes Quran For Shia Community

Shia Islam spreads over a vast geographically diverse area of the world. This Holy Book has an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. We can get knowledge about every aspect of life.  The messages of the Quran speak to every situation in the life of Momineen.

We can consult and follow the Quran in every condition. We all agree that the Qur’an applies to all situations of life. so, it is such an important book for us. The Shia community needs Shia teachers and these teachers are readily available online. You don’t have to follow any difficult steps to hire a teacher. Online Quran classes are a perfect way for Shia Muslims to learn the Quran at home if they are in the West.