Teaching the Quran face-to-face and teaching online both are effective. Momineen learns the Quran usually through traditional face-to-face learning. However, when this method of learning is not available, students choose the alternative online teaching. Online teaching is effective only in the presence of an Online Shia Quran teacher. Shia Muslims living all over the world now prefer online teaching for many reasons. So, teachers are also showing their online presence but the teaching methods have plenty of differences. The role of an online teacher is very important in the scenario when Momineen does not have any other option to learn the Quran.

An Online Shia Quran Teacher Is A Guide

An online Shia Quran teacher is very important for Momineen. They play an important role in not only teaching the Quran but also guiding them to the right path. The best teacher teaches the course sincerely because it is a sensitive duty. Moreover, the teacher is a very responsible person after all he has the noble duty of teaching the Quran. He/she devotes more time to guiding Momineen and less time preparing lessons. The main purpose of teaching the Quran is to help Momineen understand what Allah says. Being a guide, his/her job is full of responsibility.

A Tutor Is Also A Motivator

The responsibility of a Shia Quran Tutor does not end in teaching the Quran. He/she has a more important duty to promote interest and enthusiasm for understanding Islam. A Quran tutor does it by offering a pleasant learning environment to students. Most students need some encouragement when they are learning the Quran. So, the teachers must tell how important it is for Momineen to learn the Quran. Learning becomes easy when every Shia Muslim understands his religious duty. In online teaching, a student learns with an online Shia Quran Tutor individually. So, some students feel isolating and discouraging so they do not learn effectively. So, the teacher has to be careful with such students and make intentional efforts so that students feel active and motivated.

Pass The Right Knowledge

A Shia teacher equips students with knowledge according to Shia Islam. A teacher teaching a specific course must be an expert in it. Without deep knowledge, a tutor is unable to pass that knowledge to students.

The teacher has to share the knowledge with the students whether it is a traditional classroom or an Online Shia Quran Classes. A Shia teacher must be an expert in the course he/she is going to teach. It does not mean that a teacher with expert knowledge can also teach the best. Sometimes a qualified teacher cannot teach effectively.

Interest Development in the Lessons

You can hire both a Female and Male Shia Quran teacher. Both teachers must make the lessons interesting so that students also feel an interest. The students in this way stay awake during the lesson and they also actively participate in the lessons.  When students feel an interest, they develop the desire to continue learning the Quran. Interest development is essential in both conventional and online classrooms. The students must keep their attention towards lessons and teachers can help them do so. The teachers can develop the focus of students towards lessons by keeping them active during lessons. When teachers keep on asking questions from students, they remain active. The class discussion also helps in developing the interest of students.

As the students and teachers are not physically present in the same environment, so learning is sometimes challenging. There are many distractions in the virtual learning environment, so students should also be responsible for their learning process.

Choose a Teacher from Masoomeen Quran Center

If you want to have a greater reach for your Shia Quran course, you should hire a teacher from MQC. You can learn with an expert teacher from anywhere in the world. The academy has both male and Female Shia Quran Teachers who are also highly qualified. You can learn any Shia Quran course without leaving the comfort of your home.