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 Shia online Quran academy was developed with the idea to provide everyone an opportunity to learn Quran online at their own pace and feasibility. We believe that education is the right of everyone and everyone should have easy and customized access to the Islamic teachings, which is, unfortunately, was an unfulfilled dream of many Muslim followers living in non-Muslims countries.

Online Shia Quran Academy provides a platform for every individual to access Quranic teachings at any time anywhere in the world and can learn let their kids learn about Quran, its meaning from authentic Shia Quran teachers. It is one of the finest online websites which gives the opportunity to access and go through the Islamic curriculum and takes online Quran classes with Shia teachers.

The acceptability and authenticity of the curriculum according to Shia fiqh is one of the main reasons for the Shia community to get attracted to this forum. Shia community finds online Shia Quran academy authoritative and convincing for early year education of their kids.

Our esteemed scholars have a full grip over all kinds of knowledge related to the Quran and its Islamic teachings. We have hired scholars from all over the world who are not only certified but are also specialized in their fields.

Shia Quran Teaching provides the learners with proper Tajweed guided Holy Quran recitation in online one-to-one live Quran classes with experienced Quran tutors. These tutors not only provide you instructions about how to do it but also help you encounter the problems you face during your learning period.

Shia Quran teaching is the best Platform associated with Shia Quran Student. That is an online school to learn Quran Shia. You also can learn nahjulblagha, Dua e kumail, Dua e tawasal, and managed, etc.

The Sha’baniyah Munajat (Persian: مناجات شعبانیه‎‎) is a supplication attributed to Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shia Imam, that invoked in the Sha’ban month. The supplication was narrated by Ibn Khalawayh and is mentioned by Abbas Qumi in Mafatih al-Janan, Sayyed Ibn Tawus in Eqbal al-animal, and Muhammad Baqir Majlesi in Bihar al-Anwar In the Mafatih al-Janan.

The Munajat mentioned in the Shaban month prayers section.[1] This supplication is known as a monologue of Ali ibn Abi Talib with his God, Allah. In the supplication, Ali emphasizes God’s generosity and called Allah as creator and infinite of humans. Ali advised reciting the Du’a with the presence of heart.

It should be noted that there is content in Nahj al-Balagha whose authenticity can be debated. The Shi’i do not give it the same status as Sahih books in the schools of Ahlul Sunnah.

Online Quran Teacher

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and being a Muslim it’s our duty to learn and understand the Holy Quran. Quran directs us in every aspect of life regardless of time and age. Quran gives a solution to every problem of our life. Learning the Quran is the best education in this world and it is mandatory for every Muslim. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Says in Hadith:

“The best amongst you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it to others.” (Hadith)

Shia Quran Learning is an online Quran academy, the best platform to learn the Glorious Quran, assisting Muslims all around the world. Our Qualified Online Shia Quran Teacher will assist you to learn and recite the Holy Quran. You can join our online Quran classes at an affordable fee from qualified Quran Tutors.

Learning Quran Online

Learning the Holy Quran Online is one of the most helpful and effective ways that assisting Muslims to learn the Holy Quran and about Islam. The motive of Shia Quran Learning is to provide Quran lesson classes online in an easy and flexible way for kids and elders at their homes. We are assisting qualified Quran Teachers to learn Quran Online in the UK and around the Globe.

Quran Learning is teaching Quran learning courses including Basic Quran Reading for kids, Quran Reading with Tajweed, and Memorization of Quran. We also have qualified and experience Female Quran tutors for teaching Quran online to your kids in an easy way.

Reading the Holy Quran with correct Tajweed and proper Arabic rules is very important. Teachers at Shia Quran Learning will assist to Learn Quran Online with correct Arabic Rules and Quran Tajweed in one-to-one classes. With our experienced teachers in the online class, you will learn the Quran very quickly and easily. Register for 2 days free trial class and learn how it works.

Importance of Quran Learning

  • Learning the Holy Quran fulfills our Islamic Duty
  • Learning Quran gives us Blessings of Allah (SWT)
  • Quran Purify our Soul and we become close to Allah (SWT)
  • Quran Guides Towards and straight Path
  • Reading Each Letter will reward Ten Blessings of Allah (SWT)
  • Quran will be proof on the day of Judgment
  • Learning Quran will lead you to Paradise