Is Taking Online Quran Classes As Beneficial As Learning At Home?

Learn the Shia Quran online seems to be daunting for many people. Do many people wonder that if taking Online Quran Classes as beneficial as learning at home with a teacher? Many people also wonder, “Will these classes fit my schedule. Hundreds of Momineen take online Quran courses and they also learn the best in that way. The number of students is also growing due to the benefits of online classes.

Today all Quran courses are available online. There is an expert Online Quran teacher available for easy access of every person. Online Shia Quran classes allow the students to attend classes at home with teachers. Here at home means learning over the internet but virtually present with the teacher. A great number of Shia Muslims choose to learn the Quran remotely at home.

The number of students choosing to learn online is increasing due to the benefits of online learning. Below, find how online Quran courses benefit Momineen. By reading the article you can easily decide if online Quran courses are right for you.

Flexibility And Self-Paced Learning

When you hire a Shia Quran Teacher to teach you the Quran physically, you decide the time of learning. You also choose your learning pace and your tutor teaches you according to that pace. Similar is the case when you hire an online teacher.  You also get the flexibility while learning online.

Not everyone has the time to attend madrassa classes. Often it is not possible to travel for attending classes. Many people juggle working and going to mosques or madrassas. This is a problem for them but online teachers offer the opportunity to learn while still working.

By learning the Quran online, you can learn on your schedule. Rather than traveling to a faraway mosque, you can book your classes at a time when it’s convenient for you.

You can choose any time that doesn’t interfere with your other commitments. This is the flexibility that online classes offer. You can get the same benefit when you hire a home tutor for learning the Quran at home. Online teachers allow you to go through the course plan at your pace. Hence, mastering the course becomes easy for you.


When it comes to affordability, online classes are more affordable than madrassa classes. Learning with online teachers is even more affordable than face-to-face teachers. In the countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more, the home tuition of the Quran is very expensive. It is more expensive if you want to learn from a female Shia teacher. Female teachers are usually not willing to go to anyone’s home to teach the Quran. Hence, if any teacher is willing, she charges high fees. So choosing online Shia Quran teaching is more beneficial because it can reduce your financial costs. Another reason for its affordability is that the students eliminate transportation charges. Online learning is more affordable and beneficial to Shia Muslims all over the world.

Time Saving

Shia Quran classes with a private teacher and online teacher are both time-saving options. As you don’t have to go anywhere so you can save the time of commute. Whenever you are free you can book your classes at that specific time. Time is precious and many of us do not have time for attending madrassa classes. Online and private tutors of the Quran help such busy people save a lot of their time.

Taking madrassa classes is time-consuming learning. You have to commute, face traffic jams and sometimes you miss the class. When you attend online classes, everything is in place. You don’t have to go anywhere and don’t have to organize things. You only have to turn on your PC and connect to the internet to learn. Students can also complete their courses in a timely manner. Learning online is especially beneficial to those who are busy people. If you want to save your precious time, you must choose online classes with Shia teachers.

The online Shia Quran teacher teaches in real-time and students do not face any difficulty in learning. There are some other ways to learn the Quran online. The students have to rely on self-study through those ways. Mobile apps, social media, and websites have Quran information. Students can take help from there and can learn Quran Shia. However, these methods are not time-saving or much effective. Only online classes with live Shia tutors will help you save your time.

Focused Learning

In madrassa, students learn in a group. Group learning is not always helpful because students do not get the full attention of a teacher. In online and private classes at home, there is a one-to-one class system. In this way, students get the full attention of the teacher and learn in a better way. The students who have special learning needs can also benefit from online classes.

The teachers in the online class design the lessons according to the needs of students. There is nothing better than focused learning. The parents of children also track the progress of their children. Online classes allow the students to set the pace. The teachers also focus on what students need to learn. The students can complete their courses at any time they want.

Traditional madrassa learning is not like this. Students have to learn in a group class. There is a strict schedule that students have to follow. Most of the time the teachers do not understand the learning needs of students.

Online Quran classes at Home from Masoomeen Quran Center

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