Quran learning is important for every Muslim. It is also our responsibility to learn the Quran. Traditionally people go to mosques or they may hire Qari who comes to the student’s house.  When these ways are not available, people choose other ways. It is a modern time and we have technology in our access. Now we have different ways to acquire education whether it is formal education or Islamic education.

Modern ways of acquiring an education are due to the evolution of technology. Accessing and sharing Islamic information is easy now. Muslims in different countries can study any course. The Islamic world is under transformation. People have more learning facilities due to technological advancements. Islamic centers are also working hard to propagate Islam through spreading Islamic teachings. They can spread Islamic and Quran knowledge on a global scale. The modern ways for learning the Quran online include

  • Websites

These days you can find numerous websites having Quranic and Islamic information. Many teaching websites have a good amount of information that can help you learn Quran online. You do not have to pay any fees for learning the Quran. You only have to access a particular website and start learning from there. There are instructions for the learners and the learners get guidance from there.

There is no Online Shia Quran teacher to teach the learner and they have to learn on their own. Whenever they want to study they can access the website and learn from there. There is a lot of information available on these websites. Almost all Quran courses are available for students. The students can save important information from the websites and study it later on

Not all websites are reliable and the information they contain is not accurate. So the students must access reliable resources for learning the Quran. Many enemies of Islam launch websites with fake or incorrect Islamic information. So, you also have to consider these things when you access a website. 

  • Social Media

The most popular type of social media for learning purposes is YouTube. Many tutorials are available online on YouTube. You can watch those videos and learn the Quran. You can learn any Quran course from YouTube videos. Many people find this way very effective because it is free and people don’t have to pay for the tutorials.  

Many people think that YouTube is an entertaining tool. However, it is also a great platform for learning. Many Quran learning videos related to all courses are present for learners.  YouTube learning facilitates students of all ages. Students can access these videos from anywhere in the world and learn the content. There is no limitation for learning. You can watch these videos on your laptop/ PC/ Tablets, or mobile phones.  Videos are always good for learning anything because students can listen to sounds and see the notes too. When students listen and see the lessons, it becomes easy for them to learn the Shia Quran lessons.

The best thing about YouTube video learning is that students can watch the same video again and again. When there is any confusion, the students can watch that part again. However, some students find some problems and need the guidance of an Online Quran teacher. In that case, there is no one to give guidance or instruction. This is the main drawback of learning the Quran through videos.  There is no teacher to guide so the students have to rely on the limited knowledge.

Mobile Apps

It is relatively a new method of learning the Quran online. These days, mobile apps are very popular. There are apps for different purposes and many Shia Quran learning apps are also available. You can download those apps and start learning your lessons. If you do not have any knowledge of the Quran, you can learn through apps. There are basic courses for the students through which they can learn Arabic alphabets and their sounds. Qaida courses are also available in apps. 

Learners can click on each alphabet and listen to the sounds. They can learn accent and pronunciation in this way. Downloading an app on your mobile phone is a very easy process. You can search the app in the play store and check the rating of the app. The apps with high ratings will be considered the best app. You can download that app to your mobile phone and start learning from there.  Learning the Quran through apps is only possible on your smartphone or tablet. You cannot do it on your laptop or PC. So, only mobile users can learn the Quran through smartphone apps.

There are sometimes some issues with the apps. At times, wrong information is available in the apps and you may mislead. There is also no teacher available when you choose app learning. So when you face any problem there is no one to guide you.

Live Online Classes with Live tutors

As we see that in all modern ways of Quran learning, the availability of teachers is very important. Whatever modern of learning you choose, you need the guidance of a teacher. So, online live teachers for Quran learning are the best way to learn the Quran. It is a modern method in which teachers teach with the help of modern technologies. Usually, teachers use Skype for teaching and they teach in real-time.

Students are teachers are virtually available with each other. The teacher teaches the lessons through screen sharing in online Quran classes. These days learning through live classes is the most helpful method of learning the Quran. You can have reliable learning because the teacher is always available to teach you. Whenever you face any problem, the teacher can guide you properly. These teachers offer live classes at your home.

If you want to learn the Quran online, you should also choose online live teachers. The best and trustworthy platform for Shia Quran classes is Masoomeen Quran Center. You can have live lessons with the teachers and get the best quality Quran learning at your home.