Not every Momin realizes how important it is to learn the Quran from a Shia Quran Qari. Many Momineen do not understand the importance of a Momin Shia Quran Qari Online in the USA. They believe that it does not make any difference in learning from a Non-Shia Qari. However, the fact is that learning from a Momin Shia Qari Online makes a different impact on the personality of a Momin.

Most of the time students underestimate or under-evaluated tutors. The Qari meets the religious needs of the people of the Shia community. Therefore, Momineen should only hire a Shia reciter and read the following article to know important things about them.

  1. He Struggles With You

Shia Quran Education is very important for every Momin. Without receiving this education, Momineen cannot understand religion, Islam. A Shia Online Quran Qari invests his time in trying to teach students how to recite the Quran properly. The basic rules of recitation of the Holy verses in Shia and Sunni are the same but there is a difference in the melody of the recitation.

It is, therefore, recommended for Shia Muslims to learn from a Shia Tutor. Students think that only learning is difficult but the fact is that tutoring is also difficult. Every student learns in a different way and a Shia Quran Qari has to understand this fact and deal with every student differently. A Quran tutor is a passionate person who enjoys spreads the educations of the Holy Book.

  1. The Job Of A Qari Is Serious In Nature

Teaching the Quran is a work of great responsibility. This job is to guide Momineen. If there is negligence in teaching the Shia Quran Lessons with accuracy, Momineen will not learn accurately and it will affect their learning in the future too. it is a matter of the Holy Quran and we cannot afford any inaccuracy in learning. Reading with mistakes is also a sin. Hence, Shia Quran Qari Online is very careful in this duty.

  1. Not All Tutors Are In This Work For The Money

Not every Shia Quran teacher is in the profession of teaching the Quran for money. Some Momineen is passionate about their religion and they want to become a volunteer in shaping the lives of Momineen. They, therefore, do not work for money as they are dedicated to spreading the word of Allah only. However, they may also feel frustration for the students who have great learning potential but don’t want to work hard.

  1. Your Tutor Also Worries About You

 Tutors realize that some students are slow learners. They need more practice. Therefore, the tutors do not lose their patience and work hard for them. Many dedicated tutors really worry about their students. Recitation is not a simple skill. It needs hard work, especially when teaching Quran Tajweed rules to the students. Students think that teachers never worry about them, which is not true.

  1. Qaris Also Listen To Other Renowned Reciters

Sometimes very experienced Online Quran Teacher are also listening to other reciters in order to improve their recitation. Students can never believe that their teacher can also learn from another teacher.

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