If you want to learn the Quran from an Online Shia Quran teacher, you have to consider several things before hiring. Many Academies are offering Quran Courses Online, but every tutor offers a different learning experience.  If you want to have the best learning experience, consider the following points in Shia Quran Online Education.

  1. Qualifications

For studying the Quran, the Shia Tutor should be qualified. If you want a tutor for a child, the tutor must be capable of handling and teaching the kids of that specific age group. Teaching adult students requires different teaching skills, so the tutor should be capable in both cases. Qualified tutors are very important to hire because they have the correct knowledge of the Quran. Hence, they are able to deliver the best according to Shia Islam. Try to find a tutor who has graduated from the Shia Islamic institution.

  1. Affordability

Do not forget to consider the fee of the tutor. Affordability is the most important thing that matters when you are in search of a Shia Quran Teaching Online tutor. Qualified teachers charge more than unqualified teachers do.

  1. Adaptability

It is important for a Quran teacher to be adaptable in the modern digital age. The tutor must know how to teach online. Great online Quran teachers know how to deal with the challenges in teaching over the internet. Every student is different in learning so the teacher must know how to teach every student in a different way.

  1. Confidence in Personality

Teaching the Quran is a work of responsibility. The tutor should be confident in teaching and must motivate and inspire the students.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a very important thing and every Qari should possess it. As it is online learning so the tutor must be flexible in teaching at the time of the student’s choice.

  1. An Empowering Nature

The teacher has to teach the Quran to Momineen, so it is important that he/she has the ability to turn negatives present in them into positives. If the teacher has an empowering nature, he/she can inspire students in learning. Having an empowering nature is a forward-thinking attitude and every Shia Quran Tutor must possess it.

  1. Ability To Teach At An International Level

When teachers teach online, students from all over the world learn from them. Momineen from all over the world looks for a Shia Quran Tutor Online. Hence, the tutor must be capable to teach the students living in different parts of the world. This requires communication skills. Therefore, the tutor must know different languages and should possess good communication skills.

  1. Hiring A Tutor From A Shia Quran Academy

If you hire a tutor from an academy, make sure it is a Shia Quran Center. The tutor should belong to Fiqh Jafferia for Momineen.

  1. Connecting With Students

The tutor must know how to connect with students. He/should have a good relationship with students so that they can share their problems with him/her.

  1. Passionate About Teaching The Quran

Passion is very important for teaching the Quran. If the tutor is passionate, the students will also be passionate.

Basic Qaida Education

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