Our Shia Quran Center online is a leading center in the World

The Quran is the Holy Book from Allah for the guidance of mankind. It contains not only the guidelines of the religion but also explains every aspect of life. It narrates to us how to please Allah and to gain rewards from us. This world is a journey toward eternal life and we should spend our time here working to get a ticket for Jannah. We all know that gaining rewards from Allah is not a difficult thing. Allah is kind and Rehman, He blesses His followers with countless rewards for obeying Him. Quran is a guidebook for us that teaches us how to spend life according to the principles of Islam. To learn about Islam we need to learn and understand the Quran. Shia Quran center online is a place where you can easily learn Quran at your home. Learning Quran is compulsory for us and there is no excuse for not getting a Quran education. 

The online Quran platform is becoming popular in the world and you can also take advantage of this facility. It helps you to learn the Quran word by word under the supervision of most professional and expert teachers. You will find it very convenient to learn under the roof of your house with the world’s best teachers. Otherwise, it would have been a difficult task to get an expert teacher for your home Quran tuition. 

Getting rewards while learning the Quran:

As Allah keeps Quran education mandatory for every Muslim so it is our religious duty to learn it. Online Shia Quran center takes the responsibility to teach the Quran with all the necessary Islamic learnings. We must learn the teachings of Islam so that we may get a better understanding of our religion. Without understanding the principles and rules of the religion we cannot adopt them in our lives. Quran teaches us the purpose of our existence in this world and what Allah expects from us in life. Without working on anything you cannot achieve success and get the reward.

But Shia Quran learning is something different. Allah blesses rewards to those who strive to learn the Quran. This means that we can get rewards from Allah while we are in the learning phase. And when we find difficulty in learning but we work hard to understand it, Allah doubles our rewards. What else is more beautiful than this religion where earning rewards is so easy? By reading every word of the Quran you will get a reward from Allah. Those who teach Quran have a special rank so we can say that the Quran Teachers are lucky ones. Lucky because they are teaching and getting blessings from Allah.

Start learning Quran at an early age:

You can learn the Quran at any age of your life but it is best when you start at an early age. It is very important when you teach Quran to your kids because they will engrave it in their minds. Kids observe things at their growing age and we can put the love of the Quran in their hearts.  So that they can grow with this feeling of respect and love.

When you observe that your child is learning and picking things from the environment, start teaching Quran. This may be at the age of three or four years. You may be wondering how a three-year-old can learn Quran. The answer is simple introduce Allah and his teachings and blessings to him. You may tell Quranic and Prophet Stories to him so that he can learn lessons from them.

They can learn a lot about moral values in this entertaining way. Shia Quran center online adopts this way of teaching the Quran to little kids. They learn about Islam, Quran, and Allah in the initial phase of their life. Slowly afterward they are shown the Arabic alphabet to recognize them and start learning. As they grow they will learn the letters and then join them to make a word. 

Importance of learning the Quran in Islam:

We can imagine the importance of learning the Quran by Allah’s granting ten times rewards in reading the Quran.  Allah says them to be the best who teach the Quran. Allah gives the highest rank to those who teach the Quran. That’s the reason you should take the help of your teacher and start learning the Quran.