What Is The Best Way To Learn The Quran If You are In A Shia Muslim Minority Country?

Learning the Quran is the best way to connect with Allah. We should pay attention to learning this Quran. If you want to learn the Quran there are many sources of learning. If you are living in a Muslim minority country then there may not be many resources.

When there is no other way to learn the Quran, the best way is to choose online sources. The online Shia Quran center is the best place to join if you live in a Muslim minority country. These Quran centers can help you learn any course you want with the help of Shia teachers. Both kids and adults can learn the holy Quran online with the best teachers.

Many Quran centers offer Shia Quran learning by using online platforms. Many online platforms are available for Shia Muslims. These Quran centers provide Quran education to kids and adults. Shia Quran education is very important for grooming the personality of a Muslim. Hence, Momineen should be very serious about the Quran learning of their kids.

This is because when kids learn the Quran at a young age, their knowledge extends with time. They develop more interest in the Quran. When they grow up, they become passionate about the Quran.

Online Shia Quran Learning without Teacher

Now it is also a question of many people that how online Quran learning takes place. The answer is that online learning has different forms. Many people use websites for self-learning of the Quran. There are mobile apps that help students in learning the Quran. These resources only promote self-learning and there is no teacher for teaching the students.

The presence of a teacher is very important in learning anything. So, in the Quran learning the presence of a teacher is equally important. Learning the Arabic language without any help is not possible. So learning with a teacher is essential if you want to learn the best.

Many times you make mistakes while reading or learning the Quran. So, when a teacher is present, he/she will point out that mistake and can help you in correction. Quran learning Software and applications are very helpful but you cannot benefit from them perfectly. Sometimes when you need assistance from the teacher, he/she is not available. So, you do not get help and are unable to correct their mistakes. Hence, the chances for improvements are less in this mode of learning.

Online Learning with Teacher

The best way to learn the Quran is to learn with a teacher. Learning the Quran online with a teacher is only possible through live classes. These live online classes are the best option for you to meet your online Shia Quran learning needs. To learn in this way, you need to find an online Shia Quran tutor. You can learn the Quran according to the rules of Tajweed, memorize it, or understand the verses through Tafseer.

The online learning facility is open for all Momineen. Many websites offer you the Quran learning facilities with Shia teachers. You need to choose the best site when you want to learn the Quran online.  The teachers teach via different applications such as Skype, Zoom, Google meet, and more. The most common application is Skype. In live classes, you are learning the Quran at home with the help of an online tutor.

You have to sign up for a Quran course you want and start learning the Quran. Different Shia Quran courses are available to the Momineen. They can learn any course according to their requirements. In live classes, there are no recordings of the lectures through which the students learn. Every lecture is live and the teachers teach in real-time.

Access the Quran Center to Start Your Quran Learning

The websites provide you the services of Quran learning. These are the websites of online Shia Quran academies. Accessing these websites is not a difficult task for anyone. You can choose any Shia Quran academy but make sure it is a reliable academy and serves your purpose. The important course that you can study includes Arabic, Qaida, tafsir, history, tajweed, and Quraan memorization.

Some Islamic courses such as Nehjul Balagha and Saheefa Sajjadia are available for those who want to learn religion. Momineen can learn these courses according to Shia beliefs. The content of Islamic courses is according to Fiqh Jafferia. So, if you are a Shia Muslim, you can access the Shia Quran center’s websites for Quran learning.  Qaida course is also the Yassarnal Quran course which is the best way to start your Quran learning.

Quran Tajweed is the perfect way to learn the rules of recitation. Tarjuma and Tafseer courses will give you a complete understanding of the Quran. You can get the translation and Tafseer in any language you want. Every person prefers to read the translation in his language for better understanding. Quran reading is not like reading a regular book. It is a Holy text and you need proper guidance for it. So, you must access the most reliable Shia Quran learning platform for learning the Quran.