Learn Quran From Best Online Shia Quran Teacher

The skills important for effective online teaching involve more than the course knowledge field. An online Shia Quran teacher must be able to interact with students and help them learn online. Learning with technology is a different way of looking at the world. Teaching online is not an easy job and teachers have to be highly efficient. They must know how to teach effectively. Good Quran teachers have several qualities in them. They are knowledgeable, set clear, and fair with their jobs. They are educated and have a positive attitude. Teaching requires patients whether face-to-face or online.

The teachers adjust their teaching strategies according to the requirements of students.  These teachers also recognize that different students learn at different paces. As a teacher, they understand every student and teach accordingly. If teachers show enthusiasm and commitment, the students are more likely to give the same in return. Conversely, if the teacher is impatient and rigid, students will have negative attitudes towards the Quran learning. So, the role of a teacher is very important and students have high expectations from them. So, all the Quran teachers whether online or in-person must consider these important things.

Positive Attitude

The Quran teachers should keep their students engaged with the lessons with a positive attitude. Quran teaching becomes effective when teachers motivate the students. The teachers have to develop the desire in students to learn the Quran. A Shia Quran Teacher has special respect in our Islamic society. Teaching the Quran online is quite challenging, but students can enjoy the lessons with the support of teachers. Students must allow themselves to be enthusiastic but the teacher is also very important for developing an interest in the Quran.

Teachers must give students time to learn the lessons. It is fine for students to learn the lessons slowly. Not everyone is a fast learner so the teacher must understand the students individually. The teacher must realize that learning can be hard work for non-Arab students. Rather than blaming students, the teachers should change their approach to teach them more effectively. Learning a new language is not easy for someone new to Arabic. Patience is very important but teachers must deal with all the students with a positive attitude.

Expert in Knowledge

The teacher is good if he/she is expert and knowledgeable for teaching the specific course. From the basic to the advanced level courses, the teachers must have expert knowledge of it. If you want to learn the basic Qaida course, it also requires an expert teacher. If a teacher does not know the basics of alphabets and their sounds, how students will learn. The advanced courses require expert teachers who are masters of the subjects. The scholar-teachers (Aalim e deen) are good to hire for the advanced courses.

Expert teachers can teach the lessons in simple ways. They help the students to develop expertise in a specific course. The students have no prior knowledge of the Quran courses. So, they depend entirely on the teacher for their learning.

Excellent Communication

We all know that the effective communication skills of a teacher are one of the basic requirements of online learning. Not every teacher has the ability to communicate properly and convey their message to the students. This skill is very important for online teachers. In some Shia Quran classes, using a webcam is mandatory. It is quite awkward for some teachers to come in front of the webcam for the first time.

After some practice everything becomes normal. This is not essential for every Shia Quran center to use the webcam. The only audio conversation is enough in most Quran centers. In whatever mode the teacher is teaching, developing strong communication skills for an online course is essential. All the teachers must effectively communicate the lesson to the students.  The teachers who can communicate well can help students learn the best. Most learn best through excellent speaking of teachers.

The Quran teachers are responsible for the delivery of clear lessons. The qualities of excellent communication skills make the students understand the lessons well. Communication skills can help or hurt students when they are learning. So, when you hire a teacher, make sure the teacher can communicate very well. They are teaching the Quran, so they should be modeling their mastery at a high level of competence.

Highly Effective Quran Teaching

When we talk about establishing effective Quran teaching in an online setting, we mean facilitating flexible learning. Making online teaching in favor of students is exciting and daunting. The exciting part is that it is the Quran tutoring that gives maximum rewards to the teachers. The daunting part is the challenges the teachers face while teaching online. The above article is about the qualities of the Quran teacher who teaches in online mode. These are also the tips that can help you hire the best male or a female Shia Quran teacher.

These are important traits for all teachers to have.  So, make your choice carefully.